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What is a Touch Kaua`i Island Tour?
A Touch Kaua`i Island Tour is a private personalized journey into the deeper levels of Kaua`i. While enjoying either exciting hiking adventures or gentle explorations of special places with easy access, we have time to share stories, get in touch with what’s most needed in this moment of your life, and surprise you with our intuition and delivery of materials and interactions that truly enhance your individual connection with magical Kaua`i as well as with yourself.
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How do I choose which journey serves me best?
Choose the journey that calls to you the most. You cannot be wrong if you trust your inner feeling, even if it doesn’t seem to make sense to you. And if you want to experience 3 or more journeys at once, don’t be shy to ask, we might be able to find a journey that encompasses ALL of your preferences.
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Where will you take me?
We take you where you need to be at this time in your life. At the time of your booking or just before the adventure starts, together we will come up with a destination that will serve you best. This might depend on the weather conditions as well as how you feel on that day.
Generally, we go to official trails and places, more or less known to the public. Touch Kaua`i considers more the HOW we enter Kaua`i, than where we enter.
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Will you take me to Hawaiian Heiau?
As a Non-Hawaiian who has the opportunity to study closely with Hawaiian elders, I respect the traditions of the Hawaiian culture. Hawaiians don’t go to a Heiau unless there is a specific reason and intention, always following rules that are not necessarily known to me.
Yet, there are places with special healing energies that are available to the public, and if it feels right to me, we might go there, making sure we are well prepared for such a visit.
Overall, if we start recognizing, that this whole island is sacred and radiates spiritual healing energies wherever we are, if we only open our spirit and heart to it, we can do what we need to do in different places than at recognized Hawaiian temples.
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What is so special about your Island Tours?
It is all about you! We listen carefully to your questions and needs, and together we find solutions that not only support you during your Tour but also back home in your daily world, if you choose so. Touch Kaua`i Island Tours can be catalysts for your personal unfolding. Within a very short period of time, outmoded layers of yourself may dissolve with ease and expose the true you. Once you have truly connected with this exposed beautiful being, you’ll know how to live your life according to your personal truth.
However, if you choose to just enjoy our company while exploring the island, this is what we deliver as well. It truly is about you and what you want in this moment of your life. You may want to do something you’ve never done before, or you may want to find places you couldn’t find on your own, or you may enjoy hearing stories and insider tips you wouldn’t get to hear otherwise…
Please visit the testimonials page, to find out what was special to the people that enjoyed a Touch Kauai journey before you!
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What is the price?
The basic price for a short and sweet – about 4 hrs – adventure is $250 plus $65 per Person plus tax. The basic price for a long and luscious 8 hrs adventure is $430 plus $85 per Person plus tax. Through the full customization and personalization of your journey, Touch Kaua`i Island Tours are much more than a guided hike or sightseeing adventure and much more than just a vacation memory. You are brought to a place on Kaua`i as well as in yourself where doors open to the divine in you and around. You may take home with you an inspiring fresh perspective of Kaua`i, life and yourself.
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How can I have the optimum experience?
Trust that if you feel inspired by this website, a Touch Kauai experience will be very beneficial for you at this time in your life. Allow yourself this joyful, rejuvenating and empowering gift!
Whether you visit alone, with your honey or a friend, with your family or colleagues, come with the willingness to be deeply touched by the abundant blessings awaiting you here.
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Do you do tours all year round?
Yes. But we don’t offer more than one tour at a time, so please register early to get your preferred dates.
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How many people can come on a Touch Kaua`i Island Tour?
Since Touch Kaua`i Island Tours are private tours, your group size determines the amount of people coming on your journey. I personally prefer a group size of 12 people maximum, however most journeys are with 1 to 6 people.
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Can I come by myself and join a group?
Touch Kaua`i Island Tours are private tours. If you prefer sharing a tour with someone else, we would see if we can match you with another Individual who is open to sharing the journey. Sometimes this works out just magically and sometimes we cannot accommodate this request. In this case, individual full attention might be what serves you best in this moment of your life.
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How far in advance do I need to plan this?
The sooner you make your arrangements the more likely you’ll get your desired dates. And your early registration gives us the time to be best prepared for your journey.
However, we always try to accommodate you, even at the last minute.
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Where does the tour start?
Your journey either starts at your vacation home or at our office in Kapa`a, depending on where you stay and where our excursion will lead us. We always try to avoid unnecessary driving time. At the time of your booking, we will choose the most suitable starting point and directions will be given if the tour starts at our office.
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Do I need a car?
No. Transportation is included, we can pick you up at your vacation home. However, if you choose to drive yourself, please inquire.
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Why should I do this?
Because your heart is telling you to do it. Because Kauai is calling out for you. Because you deserve to be treated like a beautiful divine being. Because you will enjoy a delightful day in Kaua`i’s magical nature, connecting you with the essence of this place and yourself. Because you feel it’s time to rejuvenate and improve the quality of your life and your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
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Please feel free to ask any other questions you may still have!