My deepest gratitude and appreciation is directed towards every single being that was a part of the various steps and stages on the way to Touch Kauai. Please forgive me that I am unable to list all of these uncountable angels that were instrumental in bringing Touch Kauai to fruition.

This specific website would not have been possible without:

Ed Kapua Ching who truly welcomed me home to the Hawaiian Islands,
Puna Kalama Dawson and her multidimensional teachings and blessings,
Austin Cartwright with his care for me,
David Katz and his commitment to my immigration process,
William Gaynor and his expertise, creativity, time and generosity,
Marci Allen and her ability to put my complicated thoughts in writing,
David Boynton and his photos,
Jasna Schwarz with her generosity and skills as website creator,
Christoph Ahmann and his great web design,
Lukas Schröder for his software support.

Thank you very very much for your continuous support and believing in the process.

Katharina (Strack) Becker