Island Tours

Be Touched by Kauai

Awaken your Spirit to the Spirit of Aloha.
Aloha is the Healing Essence of Kauai.

Connect with the land and its wisdom. Engage all of your senses. Explore the wonder around you and within you.

Touch Kauai Tours offer a revealing relationship to the land, rejuvenating inside and out.

Experience Kauai’s magic, beauty and power through a series of personalized and powerful nature experiences, serene or adventurous, with intuitive, spontaneous, interactive elements.

Are you a strong walker or do you prefer places with easy access? Are you more into admiring the surrounding foliage or into discovering yourself? Do you prefer to be touched by beaches, rivers or mountains?

Possible preferences:

With your booking, we design a tentative plan for your soulful island adventure.
Because the energy of Kauai encourages you to slow down,
and to be in the magic of the moment, we finalize the perfect
program to best serve your total well-being when you arrive.


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“Touch Kauai is a natural spiritual journey empowering your weakness and integrating your truth”


Guided Customized Tours and Activities on Kauai with Touch Kauai: Kauai Adventures, Nature Healing Tours, Land Tours, Waterfall Tours, Hiking and Kayaking Tours, Spiritual Encounters on Kauai and Magical Experiences. All of our Tours and Kauai Activities are in the Spirit of Aloha and in True Reverence to the Hawaiian Culture.

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