Massage Testimonials

Expressions of Gratitude

“If you want to be fully touched by Kauai, make sure Katharina touches you! She carries the essence of this miraculous place in her heart and in her hands. Katharina, we will never forget you!”
Heidi and Joel Roberts, CA and NY

“Enrico, that was the best massage I had in years. SERIOUSLY.”

“Thank you Katharina for the wonderful gift of Aloha and the blessings of your wonderful healing touch. You are truly blessed and gifted with a healing heart and hands. The flute was such a great soothing sound to the addition of your soul-ful massage. I will look forward to seeing you again.”
Trish, CA

“Enrico has the confidence, the technique and the flow of a master therapist! I loved it.”
Robin, HI

“My massage with Katharina was a healing balm of angelic goodness, kindness and sweetness. A complete experience of perfection with musical accompaniment. A blessing received with enormous gratitude”
Johnny K, HI

“Enrico is very good and very professional. I would like to have him again to massage me. I am very satisfied with his service.”
Jay, HI

“In all the many visits I have made to Hawaii over the past 30 years, I have never been touched by the spirit of Hawaii as I am in the presence of Katharina. She has in incredible respect for the Hawaiian traditions and her knowledge and understanding of the Aloha spirit touches my heart and soul. From the moment I enter her atrium, I feel connected to the magic of the island of Kauai. There are many gifted healers on Kauai, but Katharina’s healing touch and tender spirit are not to be missed.
Bonnie Bhatti PhD LICSW psychotherapist Kirkland, Washington

“Best Massage. I was totally blessed today by my massage. Enrico was amazing! Thank you.”
Michelle, HI

“Without a doubt – the best massage I have ever experienced. That covers a lot of time and speaks wonders for Katharina’s touch.”
Jack, HI

“Best Massage in Kauai! We have been coming to Kauai for 20 years now and have been clients of Touch Kauai for the past six or seven years. Katharina and Loya are without a doubt the two best massage therapists we have ever experienced. Both are inundated with a love of the island and the Aloha spirit. We schedule five or six massages each time we arrive and it has become an essential cornerstone of the annual visit, so much so that we change the dates of our visit if they are not going to be on the island for any reason. They are incredibly talented and we couldn’t imagine our vacation without them. Do not miss this experience.”
Jim and Gina, Orlando, Florida

“Very present, focused, in the moment – you get the sense that all of Enrico’s attention is on what he is doing. I appreciated also that he made the most of the hour, efficient from start to finish, no wasted moments. Very professional conduct, humble confidence.”
Kathy, HI

“To be touched by Katharina’s golden hands is like an awakening transformation into the soul of Kauai. Her Lomilomi is an extremely pleasant experience.”
Erich A. Lorenz

“Excellent massage. Enrico is a natural therapist, great hands, smooth transitions – perfect pressure, only wish it was 90 min!”
Deborah, HI

“Dear Katharina – The spirit of your heart permeates your touch. It creates spiritual trust that allows a totally uninhibited experience! Thank you!”
Mayor Bryan Baptiste, Kauai

“Very therapeutic – Mahalo Enrico. Just what I needed.”
Lisa, HI

“I have been having back trouble since separating from my husband – six months. I was going to a chiropractic three times a week – it was going down into my right knee. I finally went to my regular doctor who put me on anti inflammation – I was hobbling along. For six months.
Finally found Katharina who with one massage straightened me out. Literally feeling electrical shocks coming out of my right foot.
I can’t tell you how much better I am. Thanks Katharina”
Ruth G, HI

“Excellent massage, deep, strong, everything attended to, very intuitive. Thank you so much Enrico.”
Peggy Figuera, HI

“Katharina, your massage was beyond words. I never experienced something like this before. It was touching and healing and a journey to another sphere all in once. I received an incredible gift. Thank you so much.”
Claudia Rezmer, Germany

“Extremely wonderful amazing massage. Enrico’s flow was superb!”
Theresa, HI

“Best Lomi Lomi Massage in Hawaii! This is a must to put on your ‘to do’ list for Kauai! Katharina’s healing touch was beyond all I could have asked for. I only had a 60min massage, because I had never had a Lomi Lomi massage. I wished I’d had the 90min. I didn’t want to get off the table! She was wonderful! I loved her flute planing and her Hawaiian prayer! Those things were just icing on the cake! I can’t wait to go back! She will make you feel like a new person! Her sweet spirit will bless you to no end!”
Michelle P., Oregon

“What a delightful spiritual experience! It was like the whole forest was integrating within me and the stiffness and pain was released out of me. I felt God’s love and healing energy purifying me and preparing me for what’s next.”
Loya Whitmer, HI

“Most excellent, Enrico! I feel your passion and compassion for the work which will serve you and those you touch well. Most excellent, Enrico! As always I love the temple lomi on upper body while laying supine.”
David, HI

“Mahalo Katharina, you brought me in touch with such a wonderful feeling of joy and light – welling up from deep inside me – to be lived! Aloha mahalo from the bottom of my heart!”
Anne-Kristine, Sweden

“Enrico was fantastic! Very intuitive and I got far more than expected, a gift! Thank you so very much.”
Kira, HI

“Receiving Katharina’s massage, I’m taken back to another time. One where sacredness and respect for spirit and ancestral blessings is the way. I feel God’s energy working through her hands. The feeling is divine, the experience is divine, Katharina is divine. I now have a deeper respect for ancient Hawaii and a stronger yearning to find out more about it.”
Greg Robbison, HI

“Magic hands and forearms! Great massage. Kicked any stress I had out! Thank you! The massage oil smelled like lemon, it was a great addition – like aromatherapy.”
L. Dillmann, HI

“Katharina, my experience with you, through your bodywork and music have touched me deeply. I love that I can feel your heart and soul in your touch and presence.
You are deeply gifted and I feel as though I have received deeply.”
Tammie, Montana

“This massage with Enrico was excellent on all levels. Professional, loving and very physically satisfying and relaxing. Probably the best massage I have had here on Kauai.”
Kiala, HI

“I knew when I met you – magic would transpire. You have began my opening. I now see past the ‘past’ and live in the now. You are truly blessed.”
Rebecca DeRoos, HI

“Magical Healer! Enrico is amazing.”
Lee, HI

“Katharina, you do have the touch…it is magical.  I’m so glad I scheduled my massage with you at the beginning of our stay.  It got rid of my travel weariness.  I especially liked it when you told me your job was to take care of my body and I just needed to work on me.  I used the 90 minutes for mindfulness, breathing in Kauai and with each exhale shared some of me with Kauai.  By the time the massage was over, I felt like I was floating above the table and so relaxed I took a walk to the ocean before driving away.”
Kathy Mack, CA

“WOW. This massage was amazing! Enrico did exactly what I discussed with him ahead of time. Super smooth. He did some things I’ve never experienced… arms over, etc. I am so impressed and I’ve had MANY, many massage experiences world wide. Thank you so much Enrico.”
Jade Arbelo

“My neck and body are just bubbling with happiness! My knots and rocks flow like lava to the sea with Pele!”
Simeon, HI

“Thank you so much for making our baby and me feel so special. With the ocean breeze, the music, your magical presence and your prayers, we have truly experienced the spirit of Hawaii. We look forward to seeing you again. Many thanks.”
Debbie, Colorado

“Katharina, you are intuitively gifted with love, caring and joy to heal all that you touch with your hands, voice, music and your whole being.”
Laurette de Mandel-Schaller, HI

“Awesome! The best 90 Minutes on island! I totally enjoyed every moment!”
David, HI

“Sweet Katharina, I feel more present in my body and so totally honored by your presence and the way you create sacred space.”
Deborah Burnham, PT

“Best Massage EVER!!! This was our second trip to Kauai and what better way to enjoy the whole “Aloha Spirit” then with a couples massage. After reading the great reviews on Tripadvisor, we emailed Touch Kauai with a request for 3 couples massages on different days for our week vacation. Katharina promptly responded with times and days available. Upon arrival on our first visit, Katharina greeted us with a beautiful smile and warm hug. What a loving spirit! Katharina and her husband, Enrico, live their work! My husband and I felt an immediate connection to the two of them. Before the massage even started, they set us down wanting to know what we were wanting from our massages (ex. relaxation) and more about our daily lives. We decided to have the Lomi Lomi couples massage all 3 days. What a great experience! Mind, body and soul are all treated. You will love this couple and the great services they provide. We will definitely be back!”
S., Washington

“Thank you for coming into my life and letting me share the power and beauty of your touch. You are a goddess! See you in 2007!”
Chuck Lamb, New Mexico

“Katharina – when I walked in I was in anxiety and pain – then I met you. And even before you played the flute – you softened me. Your soul is beautiful.”
Gayle Marie, HI

“Magic Garden & Magic Hands! I had a wonderful massage from Katharina in the most amazing space surrounded by the lush green garden and moutain. I left with a sense of renewal and healing. What a wonderful way to get in touch with the healing island.”
S., Calgary

“Thank you for making me feel like a true child of god, I feel so relaxed like I do when I am in a deep sleep.”
Rob Schwarz

“Katharina’s massage was amazing!”
Julia and Christian, Pittsburgh, PA

“My time with Katharina was deeply inspiring. Her playful techniques are lighthearted yet focused; what surprised me most was that such a relaxing, enjoyable session had such profound effects in my life. I recommend her to all my clients, especially those visiting Kauai.”
Hana Neerings, HI

“Couples massage in Paradise!
From the lush, verdant outdoor setting to the nature inspired buildings to Katharina’s wonderful hands, this was a fantastic experience. Katharina sets the mood from the minute you step out of your car, and you have the feeling of being at one with nature. The couples massage is peaceful and relaxing; we will definitely do this again!”
Cindy, Ohio

“I spend considerable time on Kauai and have enjoyed many high-quality massages from Touch Kauai. Instead of a generic massage that I can have anywhere, I appreciate the connection to Hawaiian culture embodied in the Lomi Lomi method, along with other modalities that are integrated into the experience. All of my massages were from Katharina, who works with skill, sensitivity, and Aloha.”
Kirk V., WA

“A very special experience! This was an incredible experience, Katharina has a gift. The massage isn’t your traditional massage, it’s something special. If you are looking for something unique to Kauai, you will love it. The location is peaceful and serene. Katharina was very intuitive. It was a completely relaxing experience and just what I needed. I’ve had several massages on the island from various places and all were very good. This went beyond that and left me with a feeling of peace I haven’t had in a long time. Highly recommended and I look forward to doing it again!”
Mandj, Pennsylvania

“What a beautiful experience.  Arriving at the Touch Kauai Spa, was like entering into a sacred jungle space hidden away. It felt very peaceful and spacious. The Therapist was very intuitive and I revived one of the best Lomi Lomi massages ever. I felt light and happy. I only can highly recommend Touch Kauai. They are professional on all Levels. Mahalo to Touch Kauai, you touched my heart truly. Thank you for guiding me into my own power and bliss.”
Astrid D, Kilauea, HI

Katharina is a gifted healer of the spirit and the body. I was in Kauai in May of 2014 with my husband, and we had arranged for Katharina to give us each massages on our first day in Kauai. We both found her touch to be deeply healing, so we then arranged to spend the day with her to hike and to “Connect with the healing land of Kauai” as she so gently puts it. On our arranged day, Katharina picked us up and took us to a beautiful beach and over slices of fresh papaya she gently explained the ancient wisdom of the Hawaiian culture and the power that resides in the 6 million year old spiritual places on Kauai. She introduced us to the profound tradition of the Hawaiian Bowl of Light, light that we are all born with, and we performed a meaningful ceremony on the beach to initiate our day of interior and exterior exploration. As the day progressed were were served a wonderful outdoor Hawaiian lunch and went on amazing mountain walks that revealed the palpable heart of Kauai to us. All the time we were gently discussing some of the major issues that I was facing in my life at the time. Katharina helped me to reframe those issues based on ancient Hawaiian traditions. At the end of our day, the hole that was in my heart had been filled with Happy peace and a sense of wisdom and bright excitement for the future.
I highly recommend Touch Kauai to everyone, as Katharina is a lovely person, and a healer of the highest order.”
Lauren Teller, Boston

“Amazing Holistic Massage! We booked a couples massage with Touch Kauai to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. We were warmly greeted by Katharina and her husband. We both felt as if we were visiting special friends. Our massage was done in the atrium that overlooks the lush, beautiful, green garden. Katharina sets the mood with soft hawaiian music, she plays the flute lulling you to a world of relaxation. We felt renewed and refreshed when our massage was completed. Touch Kauai is tucked away in a quiet, serene area of Kapaa. This is the place to go if your looking for a healing touch and Katharina has God’s gift of healing touch. It is worth looking into their website for additional information. Thank you “Touch Kauai” for making our time on the island special.”
B., Moreno Valley, CA

“Spiritual Kauai! When planning my trip to Kauai, I knew I wanted something apart from the standard tourist fare, so I Googled “spiritual Kauai” and found the link to Touch Kauai. After reading the website and speaking with Katharina, I decided on a guided hike followed by a massage. The hike was amazing! We traversed rivers and trails through lush bamboo, culminating with a short swim through a tide pool to a beautiful waterfall. I’ve hiked in Hawaii before, but nothing was comparable in terms of the beauty of the surroundings. Additionally, this was clearly not a path well traveled, as we didn’t come across another hiker. I was doing, seeing, and hearing things that were new to me and could not have foreseen a better experience.
My afternoon was completed with a 75 minute massage in Katharina’s studio. It was an incredibly welcoming and relaxing environment surrounded by lush greenery. Most importantly, the massage was unparalleled, to the extent that I went back two days later for another one. The time I spent with Katharina at Touch Kauai was the highlight of my visit to Kauai and I whole-heartedly recommend this experience for anyone looking, as I was, for something a little bit different.”
Andy L, Sherman Oaks

“After I came out from the big forest by car, there is a cottage, A breeze skimming along the room and the room stands over the forest. This kind of environment is already healing. Just like a healing shower. Body therapist, Katharina has gentle aura. I had 90 min. lomi from her. Lomi started withHawaiian chant and flute. And ending with flutes also. I felt I had journey in some space, and the nature was hugging me. Her touch was not too weak and not too  strong. I went to sleep because it was so comfortable. The sound of flute wakes me up, and I felt I just re-born. Not only feels good for body. My hearts felt good too. And that feeling was continued. I hope to have her massage when I go to Kauai, each time.”
Kazuko Mitobe, Japan

“Mahalo! 1000 Dank für deine Massage, für deinen Spirit, für deine Berührung. Eins der schönsten Geschenke meines Lebens! Und die beste Massage meines Lebens. Ich stand auf – und spürte unendliche Kraft und Lebendigkeit, Lust mich zu bewegen und gleichzeitig tief geerdet zu sein. Holy Spirit, der durch deine Hände fliesst, Mahalo!”
Reinhard Wendeburg, Germany

“Berührung: sanfte Hände – duftendes Öl – wohldosierter Druck verwöhnen und heilen den Körper.
Intuition: wohldosierte Worte- überfliessendes Aloha laden den Mind ein zu ruhen, heilen den Spirit. Licht und Schatten nähern sich an auf dem Weg zum grossen Ganzen. Mahalo!”
Susanne Heim, Germany

“Mein Mann und ich hatten uns kurzfristig für jeweils eine Massage bei Katharina entschieden. Wir waren 2 Wochen auf Kauai. Einfach ein Traum dort. Wir wurden super nett empfangen, auch das Haus liegt wundervoll. Alles in einem wirklich nur zu empfehlen. Es ist zwar auf Anhieb nicht so einfach mit dem Auto zu finden, aber das dürfe kein Hinderniss sein.
Wenn wir wieder in ein paar Jahren nach Kauai reisen, dann auf jeden Fall nur mit einer wundervollen Lomi lomi Massage als Ergänzung zu einem traumhaften Hawaii-Aufenthalt.”
Petra M, Kempten

“Ich danke Dir ganz demütig und herzlich für all das, was Du mit mir gemacht hast und bei mir bewirkt hast. Ich verneige mich vor Dir.
Durch Deine Berührungen und Deine Fragen bei der Massage diese Woche kam ich wohl mit dem Tiefsten meiner Seele in Kontakt. Ich glaube, dass Du das auch gemerkt hast. Nur jemand, der selber mit sich so in Kontakt ist, kann das nachvollziehen. Diese Erfahrung bei mir hat wohl Deine reine Präsenz mit-ermöglicht. Ich danke Dir von ganzem Herzen. Diese Erfahrung, „ich BIN“, und „ich darf genau so sein, wie ich bin“, diese Erfahrung so tief zu spüren, das ist ein riesiges Geschenk. Ich weiss, dass ich deshalb nach Kaua‘i kommen musste. Für all die Healing energies hier, und um Dich zu treffen, und um diese Erfahrungen zu sammeln (die ja schon mit der ersten Massage begannen..).
Katharina, es ist sooooo schön, dass Du voll Deinem Herzen folgst. Mach weiter so. Ich wünsche mir nichts sehnlicher, als dass jeder genau das tut, was das jeweilige Herz sagt… Dann hätten wir peace, love & happiness on earth.”
Caroline Holländer, Switzerland

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