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Have you ever experienced a water therapy session?
Now is the time. Aquacranial in Kauai’s ocean or Watsu in a sacred self made Kauaiian warm water pool. Both are experiences of a lifetime. Are you ready?

Have you ever experienced the powerful energy of Crystals and Gemstones laying on your body, working for and with you?
A very subtle, yet profoundly touching spiritual experience.

Now, how can you take all these wonderful Touch Kauai experiences, Island Tours of Wonder, Massages, Water Therapy and Crystal Healings back home with you?
Experience them! Then everything will always be with you, as a part of your cellular memory.

Additionally, learn to do Yoga or Qigong in a way that you can practice at home, at your own pace, to activate your cellular memory and enhance the energy flow of your body.

Or, you may want to learn different Relaxation Techniques for your daily life.

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