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Expressions of Gratitude

“Traveling to Kauai alone, and for the purpose of self-reflection and growth was a new and somewhat nerve-racking leap of faith for me. I cannot express how much that leap of faith was rewarded over and over during an absolutely life-changing 6 days with Katharina and Enrico. Not only did I get to experience the natural magic of Kauai in a deeply emotional and spiritual way– hiking, swimming and exploring– but the personal growth, love, trust and sheer awe at the universe both around and within myself was nothing short of life changing. I consider myself very scientifically minded, very rationalist… and someone skeptical toward the more “spiritual” or “mystical” connections of life. However, I can say with all sincerity that this guided trip with the lovely K & E opened me to a new and wonderful universe. The experiences in guided meditation, massage, hiking, and simply talking are moments I will continue to remember, and are tools I treasure and utilize in my daily life. This was the greatest gift from them (and from myself!) and it is utterly priceless. I wish everyone I know and love could experience the same, and I wish these two delightfully kind, positive people every happiness and success. Thank you both SO much!! MAHALO!
Chad Mc Phail, L.A., CA

“Thank you for filling our hearts with the truest sense of trust, thank you for filling our souls with a deep sense of spirituality.
Thank you for the warmth and openess of your world. All of these things will help us better cope with our lifes back in California. Katharina, your love permeated everything you touched.
Kim & Zane Clitts, Danville, CA

“Absolutely wonderful experience. It is wonderful how you tap into a persons true essence and the experience ends up just what they need. I discovered an easy way to connect with qualities I don’t often feel. I can even do this at home after my trip.”
Regina L. Floyd, NV

“Ken and my hike with Enrico was spectacular.  It was so special and I still am remembering things I learned that Tuesday.   And I continue sharing the experience with friends and family.  It was not just a hike into a sacred valley along a stream with pools to cool off in.  We learned of the spirit of Kauai, about some of its plants and mountains.  And we discovered things about ourselves and shared life experiences.  It was perfect!  How do we know?  Looking at the pictures you took for us and shared, our smiles at the end of the day are bigger than those at the beginning!
Thank you.  See you next year.”
Kathy and Ken Mack, CA

“It has been a real pleasure to work with Katharina. She has brought a whole new awareness to my life and has restored a ton of confidence to me. I now feel totally confident that I can set goals for myself and achieve them. She has an extremely special way of assisting people to rediscover their inner light, and I feel hat I will remember this for the rest of my life. I know there are many people in this world that can benefit from her work. Thank you.”
Dan Schweizer, Oregon

“We planned a holiday with a spiritual touch and we were endowed by indescribable beautiful loving and intense experiences. The support by Katharina and Enrico was superb. They brought us into direct contact with the stunning spiritual energies of the islands and they let us feel their own love to Hawaii, the nature and the people. With the same intensity we got into contact with ourselves and each other. It was a Magical Mystery Tour. Enrico guided us on a trekking tour through enchanted woods that opened completely new dimensions of perception. Katharina ‘s flute playing was so intense and moving that transformation had absolutely no chance failing to appear. The entire journey was penetrated by the Aloha spirit that was differently colored by the fond personal touch of Katharina and Enrico. We are deeply touched and changed by the experience with Hawaii and its special people. MAHALO!”
Claudia and Matthias, Germany

“I began to feel the vibration and the energy and the generosity of this island allowing me to discover more of who I am”

“Katharina Says

The sand, so soft
The wind, a gentle embrace
The flute, mystical music
Katharina says, “Introduce yourself,
To know the island, the island must know you”
Show respect, love, light
Katharina says, “Set an intention, all will unfold”
‘tis true, the generosity, the gifts
The unending nurturing felt from this island,
Katharina says, “Ask, she, Kaua’i, will answer
Listen be still.”
With heart open, love floods in
More and more with each new journey
Discovery of Kaua’i, discovery of myself
Touched, truly I am
The magnificence, the brilliance all at hand
In community with this island
Katharina there to open the door
To touch Kaua’i
Touch and soar!”
Amy McLaughlin, USA

“When I first landed in Kaua’i, I immediately felt something that I could only describe as ‘magic’, something powerful and connected to a deep part of me that I couldn’t explain.
A few days later I met Katharina and decided to take one of her guided tours. Through her gentle direction and fun techniques I soon was able to discover ways I could ‘see’ more clearly the magic of Kaua’i – in a river, a waterfall, jungle, stone and tree.
I will always be grateful to her for showing me those special places, both in the nature of this garden island and in me. I have much more to learn and plan to return and follow her again.”
Paul Cruickshanks, Montpelier, VT

“Touch Kauai is a natural spiritual journey empowering your weakness and integrating your truth. Katharina is a sacred guide filled with grace who conducts passion, centeredness and most of all love. She truly knows the prana of Kauai!”
Raven Geminaria, CA

“The time we spent with you was truly a magical experience! One that we will always remember. Your ability to seek out and understand the mystery we were seeking is a true gift. Taking us along offbeaten paths to the waterfalls we requested enabled us to fully experience the beauty and the spiritual essence of Kauai. The day exceeded our expectations and was a true adventure! We highly recommend you as a tour guide to others. We know our journeys will cross again. Bob and I are staying aware of any opportunity of returning to Hawaii as soon as possible. We treasure the memories of our day with you forever.”
Ellen and Rob, CT

“I loved how Katharina was so open to doing exactly what we wanted. She gave us various options throughout the day so our journey evolved as we went along. She led us in true Hawaiian style… appreciating the beauty and spirituality of each place we visited. She never rushed us, allowing us to inspect certain plants, take pictures and admire view along the way. I had a wonderful, relaxing day that was fun for our whole family.”
Lydia Seing, OK

“For anyone that is reading this review, then trust that your spirit has already led you to Kathrina and Enrico. Be honest, be open, and be willing to work. Trust that they will know intuitively where to take you and what to do to heal your body and spirit.
My husband and I spent two and a half days rediscovering our spiritual selves and renewing our love for ourselves, our bodies, and one another. We experienced a deep connection with the land (Mother Earth) and the beauty of Kauai.
Katharina and Enrico know the island well and took us to several sacred places of incredible beauty. They also provided beautiful, fresh healthy lunches and thoughtful gifts. They were knowledgeable about Kauai and pointed us in the right direction for restaurants for breakfast and dinner, and suggested some amazing lookouts for us to drive to and some walks to take.
Katharina and Enrico are genuinely caring spiritual teachers that are both very present and confident in the work that they do. I also found them to be very professional in their information gathering and in the follow up. I look forward to the opportunity to work with both of them again.”
Courtney Nyhuis, Australia

“Namaste, thank you so much for the wonderful day! This was the best anniversary present we could have had. The Tour and pools were magical and the massage was the perfect ending!”
Heather and Eric Pilmanis

“Katharina’s Tours are truly life changing. They blend a multitude of amazing activities into one unforgettable experience. In one day trek with her I went adventuring, sightseeing and with her guidance and intuitive wisdom was lead to open and connect with the spiritual energy of the land that is so profoundly powerful in Hawaii. She brings you to places to explore, to learn and to connect with the essence of Hawaii’s natural beauty, its history and its lore.
Katharina is immensely knowledgeable and very well versed in Hawaiian history and traditions. Her connection with the land is strong and as she connects, your spiritual connection opens naturally. Our trek took us to the magical Royal Waterfall of Opaeaka where after breathtaking views above we climbed down the mountainside to commune with the lush natural surroundings and swim in the falls. It was a day I will never forget.
Katharina’s strength and calm assurance encouraged me to climb safely down the side of a sloping mountain; though, until that day I had a real terror of heights. This feat, for me was incredibly empowering.
To be able to experience the energy and the beauty of the waterfall up close … a place I would never have found or had the courage to go, without taking a tour with Katharina, was one of the most fantastic days of my trip and of my life. Katharina’s Tours helped me to know Hawaii better as well as, myself!”
Nancy Peel, Toronto Ontario, Canada

“I am very happy with the aura that we all felt throughout the day. The challenging journey helped both of us re-discover our inner strength, thank you.”
Bob Dees, CT

“Katharina was a wonderful tourguide. Her knowledge, intuition and sense of adventure were a delight to experience. We’ll recommend her to all our friends who will visit Kauai.”
Kevin & Carol

“I spent a day with Katharina on an all-day hike exploring the cliffs above Nu’alolo Valley and Awa-‘awapuhi Valley. It was a truly beautiful experience. She not only had an intimate knowledge of the geography, but she also was able to adapt easily to my hiking speed and my desire to converse as we walked or to just have silence from time to time to take in the magnificent views and breathe the magical fresh air. The hike was fairly strenuous, and she allowed me to take as much time as I desired or to push ahead in some spots of the trail. I highly recommend her to anyone who wishes an extremely pleasant and dependable companion with whom to share outdoor adventures and discoveries on Kauai.”
Doug Moorehead, CA

“I had a very good time in Hawai with very energetic
aspirant, name is Katharina. She is very loving and has a beautiful heart.
If you have a time in your life, please take a chance to experience her healing
I always give thanks to God who gave birth to earth that is Katharina.”
Peetambar Mishra, Varanasi, India

“Dear Katharina; My friends and I shared a whole day’s transformational spiritual experience with you. It was filled with healing energy and holiness. I thank you. I want to share a picture that I took after my friend’s ceremonial immersion in the river pool. The photograph evokes an image of an angel being present with us at this sacred place.”
Patricia Stuart

“I especially liked it because I like exploring and not sightseeing so much. I rather go somewhere new or strange than somewhere that all the tourists go. I’m not the type to be disappointed if it doesn’t look like a postcard, to me that’s boring. What’s fun is discovering not rehashing the same old trail. I’m really grateful for this wonderful experience with Katharina.”
Andrew, L.A., California

“I wanted to says thanks for providing me another way to experience Hawaii. Your understanding of the culture and the Hawaiian traditions were fabulous.
During the adventure your knowledge of the trails and preparation as well as the food was superb. I will not forget prior to starting the Napali coast trail that you requesting solitude with nature by asking for acceptance from the Hawaiian gods to proceed.
The music from the Hawaiian flute drew a small crowd of tourist that applauded when you finished. At that time I new this was going to be exciting.
The best part however was the trail walk, with beautiful views of the mountains, waterfalls and secluded beaches that were like being on an island paradise totally removed from all the daily stresses.
Again I want to thank you for the great trip and food and will make sure that I recommend you to all my friends and Adventure racers that would like to experience a real treat. Aloha.”
Ralph R. McLaughlin Sr. VP of Seagate / Adventure Racer

“Thank you for being the best guide we could possibly have. You did a very deeply founded guidance through the beautiful landscapes of Kauai as well as you did through our inner landscapes. Fantastic!”
Stefan Heim, Germany

“Thank you, Katharina, for an extraordinary experience during our visit to Kauai. The day of our retreat with you was truly the best day of our week-long vacation.
We were looking for something to do that was off the tourist path. Plus, we wanted to fully connect with the spiritual pulse of the island. We were delighted and ready to sign up when we came across Katharina’s web site that offered us the opportunity to “Touch Kauai.” After speaking with her briefly, we knew she was the right person to help us accomplish our retreat goals. Honestly, Katharina exceeded our expectations!
We could feel the retreat start the minute we signed up. The anticipation and excitement built up like a crescendo for two days until we arrived at her magical spa. What a treat just to sit in it, surrounded by vibrant color, exquisite views, and healing energy. We didn’t want to leave. If Katharina wasn’t doing the driving, we would probably still be there!
The cleansing ceremony that she guided us through on Kamalani Kai Beach enabled us to connect with the elements and release emotions, thoughts, and past experiences that were no longer serving us. As Katharina gently played the Ohe Hano Ihu (Hawaiian nose flute), we felt deeply connected to our souls and as if we were wrapped in an incredibly healing light. As she guided us through the meditation to refill the emptied spaces with colored light, we felt a deep sense of peace and calm set in. We were treated to breath-taking views of Opaekaa Falls and Mount Waialeale on our way to the Keahua Arboretum. It was amazing to discover how simply gathering objects (rocks, sticks, plants, etc.) that “spoke” to us could lead to great insights about inner obstacles and next steps in our personal and business lives. Thank you, Katharina, for using your incredible intuition to help us interpret the messages from these objects.
What Katharina didn’t know was that we had been looking for days for good vegan food. Our prayers were answered when she treated us to a delicious vegan lunch from Mermaids in Kapaa. And, it was great to wrap up the retreat with a hike through Makaleha Falls, complete with a dip in its rejuvenating (freezing!) waters.
The best word to sum up our retreat is magical. Katharina designed a powerful day that enabled us to experience the magic of Kauai, deepen our soul connection, and make progress on our personal and business intentions. We are forever changed and grateful for her being the Illumination Guide that she is. Thank you, Katharina, for doing what you are clearly here to do. Thank you for the spiritual and physical gifts we took home with us. Thank you for taking care of all our needs from providing water and food to driving us around and showing us the magic of Kauai. Thank you for being you!”

Specific from Allum: “Katharina is an extremely good listener and role model. I appreciate the way that she listened completely to me and let the day be about me and my work—perfecting myself. She taught me how to appreciate the littlest things in nature, like the spider web that she wouldn’t break. I learned that the little leaves, bark, and rocks are so connected to nature and to me. Now I fully understand what it means to be one with the universe and God.
I gained more courage by jumping into the cold water (which I definitely didn’t want to do) and hiking up the mountain. I learned that things may not be as hard as I think they are when I actually do them. Just like dipping into the cold water, I experienced that challenging things can be fun once you get started. Thanks to the retreat, I’ve learned that I have to do the challenging work to make my dreams real.
Although the site seeing was incredible (it really makes me want to move to Kauai), I’m especially inspired by how Katharina left her country, family, and culture to build a new culture, family, and way of living. I love her commitment and dedication to helping people. If she can do it, then I know I can do it too. Thank you Katharina.”

Specific from Melody: “I had a long list of intentions, ranging from successfully launching my three new books to staying out of my own way and further developing my spiritual gifts. Miraculously, I was able to make progress on EVERY ONE of my intentions, all in one day with Katharina. She truly met all my needs and then some. I felt privileged to share this experience with my husband and left inspired me to continue my mission of helping people be living works of art. Now I know how to serve others in a way that keeps me grounded and connected to my soul. Katharina, I’m so grateful for your wisdom and exceptional level of professionalism.”
Dr. Melody Ivory and Allum Ross Ndiaye, Seattle, WA and Oakland, CA

“My husband and I went their for couple’s massages and were so pleased with the massages and Katharina, that we felt almost drawn to return just two days later. However, instead of couple’s massages, we opted to spend the whole day with her. We spoke at length with Katharina so she could get a feel for what we wanted and expected from our day and this is what happened:
We arrived in the morning and were each given a fresh lei and a small gift (don’t want to tell you what it was and spoil the surprise). We then went over our expectations for the day and then she led us in a yoga session. We’ve done yoga before (at our gym) but this was much better as she was really intent on teaching us how to properly breathe and open up our chests for certain moves. While we were rolling up the yoga mats she left to make us freshly juiced pineapple juice – -yum!! We strolled along the outside patio, looking at the beautiful trees and flowers, while we leisurely drank our juice.
Next, we got into her vehicle and she drove us to a nearby rainforest where she led us on a jungle hike. As this day was all about us, we were free to hike at our own pace, see what we wanted to see, stop and take pics whenever we chose, and we got to decide when to stop for a swim and eat lunch (which she provided, along with water). We had a wonderful chat while we ate lunch. She is intuitive and very easy to talk to.
Afterward we returned to her studio, took a shower and got ready for our final treat of the day. I received a crystal healing session and then my husband received a massage from her.
Finally, she had some more words of wisdom for us and presented us each with a final gift (again, I won’t spoil it and tell you what it is).
I don’t know when/if we will be returning to Kauai, but if we do, there is no doubt that we will make sure to visit Katharina again. Even before our first massages, my husband stated that he would have been happy just sitting in her studio and staring out of her atrium as it was the most peaceful room he had ever been in.”
Janet B, Oakley, CA

“Spiritual Kauai! When planning my trip to Kauai, I knew I wanted something apart from the standard tourist fare, so I Googled “spiritual Kauai” and found the link to Touch Kauai. After reading the website and speaking with Katharina, I decided on a guided hike followed by a massage. The hike was amazing! We traversed rivers and trails through lush bamboo, culminating with a short swim through a tide pool to a beautiful waterfall. I’ve hiked in Hawaii before, but nothing was comparable in terms of the beauty of the surroundings. Additionally, this was clearly not a path well traveled, as we didn’t come across another hiker. I was doing, seeing, and hearing things that were new to me and could not have foreseen a better experience.
My afternoon was completed with a 75 minute massage in Katharina’s studio. It was an incredibly welcoming and relaxing environment surrounded by lush greenery. Most importantly, the massage was unparalleled, to the extent that I went back two days later for another one. The time I spent with Katharina at Touch Kauai was the highlight of my visit to Kauai and I whole-heartedly recommend this experience for anyone looking, as I was, for something a little bit different.”
Andy L, Sherman Oaks

“Katharina, my time with you added so much to my trip.  I was able to experience Kauai in a way that I never could have encountered on my own.  Your ability to pull together the physical place, with the emotional content of my life and the spiritual significance of love that is available in the world for me was amazing.  The time on Kauai was about me feeling my own lovability from the inside out, something I’ve struggled with in my life.  The experience with you was life changing.  Thank you.”
Martha Bird, MN

“Thank-you so much for the day of magic and love! I would say that I do feel connected to myself and to Kauai, although it is nothing like my mind thinks it should be! It is subtle and simply IS. We hiked in the canyon yesterday where I practiced loving and appreciating myself in addition to the surrounding spectacular beauty. After honoring and swimming in the ocean today, I felt more settled in connection. I truly appreciate wonderful you, your honesty and your gifts that you freely share. To me, it feels like we are ‘living love’ sisters. Thanks for holding the space for me to experience a deeper level of self love, as reflected in the love and beauty of Kauai…and you!”
Sue Berlie, Canada

“Die Seelenreise mit dir liebe Katharina und lieber Enrico, war eine Reise eingebettet in Liebe, Fürsorge, Harmonie, Glücksgefühle und auch Traurigkeit, Erfahrungen die mein Leben bereicherten – es war ein wunderbares Geschenk an mich, das ich mir leisten durfte und konnte, denn was ich dafür bezahlte habe, habe ich TAUSENDMAL mehr zurückbekommen –
ich bin mit einem Koffer nach Kauai gereist und nachhause zurück bin ich mit einer vollen Schatztruhe.
Ich wünsche euch alles, alles Gute und freue mich auf ein Wiedersehen,
Hildegard Baumberger-Vogetseder, Österreich

“Vielen Dank für die wunderschöne Zeit und Deine herzliche Betreuung. Ich genoss die Hikes, die Spiele, die Unterhaltungen und werde Deine vielen Anregungen und Ideen mit nach Hause nehmen.”
Andre Schenker, Schweiz

“I discovered Kauai from a very new and most beautiful way, not only with my eyes but with all my senses and especially by heart. I liked everything Katharina told us about Hawaiian Culture and Spirit, the trail through the rainforest, the kindness with which she arranged everything and showed us flowers, fruits, making leis, etc. I would like to book a longer time with Katharina whenever it is possible”
Anna Seiler, Germany

“Everything was great but the leis and the swimming was very great. Everything was funny, nice and it was great to discover the real island with its beautiful sites.”
Johannes Seiler, Germany

“Mahalo, dass Du fuer mich da warst. Ich bin wirklich dankbar für all das, was Du für mich getan hast.”
Gertrud Schäffler, Germany

“Katharina gab mir den Mut und die Inspiration mich vollkommen auf die Kraft der Inseln einzulassen.
Damit begann für mich die faszinierende Reise zu mir selbst. Die Schönheit Hawaiis hat mich ebenso tief berührt wie die liebevolle Offenheit und natürliche Weisheit der Menschen.
Ich konnte ganz deutlich spüren wer ich wirklich bin und was nicht zu mir gehört. Mit der Unterstützung und Motivation Katharinas liess ich einschränkende Verhaltensweisen und Einstellungen los. So konnte ich mein wahres Wesen ungehindert entfalten.
Hawaii mit Katharina – das ist eine Reise nach Hause. Auf jedem Schritt begleitet Dich der «Spirit of Aloha». Er öffnet Dein Herz und Deine Sinne. Plötzlich verstehst Du die Botschaften der Natur, hast Zugang zu tiefgreifender Weisheit. Du spürst Deine Kraft. Du wirst weicher und gleichzeitig stärker. Und Du wirst liebevoller: zur Natur, zu Deinen Mitmenschen und zu Dir selbst. Wenn Du wieder fort gehst bist Du angekommen. Doch die Magie der Inseln lässt Dich nie mehr los.”
Brigitte Stefanetti, Schweiz

“Ich hab mich super wohl gefühlt mit dir, aufgehoben und wertgeschätzt! Dieses Retreat hat mich mit Deiner liebevollen Unterstützung wieder mit mir und meinem Seelchen verbunden, Du hast mir den Raum und die Zeit gegeben und mich mit soviel Liebe und Einfühlungsvermögen durch meine Themen geführt Ich kann gar nicht oft genug DANKE sagen für dieses grosse Geschenk, das Du mir gemacht hast!
Ich habe mich beschenkt mit dieser Reise nach Hawaii und mit diesem Retreat. Und Du hast mich beschenkt mit Deinem Wissen, mit Deiner Liebe und Unterstützung! Nun spüre ich das Aloha nicht nur um mich herum sondern auch in mir! Mit Deiner Hilfe konnte ich das Kauai wirklich spüren und mich so ganz einlassen. Du kennst die Insel, die Menschen, die Plätze und hast mich immer zum richtigen Zeitpunkt mit den richtigen Dingen in Verbindung gebracht! Danke! For me it was like coming home”
Ursula K. Huetter, Germany

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