Touring Two Islands

Heartfelt Hawaiian Highlights

Come, and be welcomed by Aloha. Enjoy Touch Kauai’s one of a kind vacations to The Big Island, the youngest of the Hawaiian islands and to Kauai, the oldest.

Discover Hawaii with a two week revitalizing vacation. Immerse yourself in a spiritual union with nature and cultural experiences, where doors to the Divine open as you are guided by Katharina and Enrico.

Escape from your daily routine and awaken your senses to extraordinary landscapes. Meet Hawaiian Elders, sharing enlivening and enlightening stories and legends.
Find peace, comfort and a sense of connectedness with these magical islands.

Be with the playful dolphins dancing joyfully all around you on The Big Island. Let active volcanoes, magnificent flowing lava and legends of the Goddess Pele ignite your own fire.

On Kauai, be on the lookout for mesmerizing rainbows (you may even see a double or triple rainbow!). Relax on the world’s most beautiful beaches and discover Hawaii’s Grand Canyon and Napali Coast.

Kauai, the Garden Island, with its abundance of lush vegetation and infinite waterfalls, carries ancient wisdom. Tap into the subtle powers alive on this spellbinding island.

Your Tour Guides Katharina Strack Becker and Enrico Becker assure you a delightful, inspiring vacation.


Our clients say:
“Hawaii with Katharina and Enrico – this is a journey home. Each step, you are surrounded by the Spirit of Aloha, which opens your heart and your senses. All of a sudden you understand the messages of nature and you have access to immanent wisdom. You feel your own power, you become softer and stronger at the same time. You become more loving: to nature, to your neighborhood and to yourself. When it’s time to go, you have arrived; and the magic of these islands will always be with you.”
Brigitte Stefanetti


Your Options:

‘Touring two Islands”

1. Bring your own group for a ‘Private Group Tour touring two islands’
(6 or more people, flexible dates).

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2. Customized for couples for your private dream tour ‘touring two islands’

Naturally, we are happy to co-create a fully customized tour specifically for you.
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Or, Please inquire.

Enter the Heart of Hawaii.

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