Our Story

Seeking Spirit

From the moment Katharina first touched the shores of the Big Island of Hawaii in 2001, her life has been a series of ongoing, evolving adventures leading her more deeply into the spirit and mythology of the islands. An auspicious meeting with a Hawaiian healer, a subsequent session of Lomi-Lomi massage, and an in-depth tour around the Big Island, including a 7-day hike at the foot of a volcano, sparked a transformative experience within Katharina that continues to deepen into the present day.

After traveling around the other islands, Katharina was eventually drawn to the majestic beauty, peace and elemental magic of Kauai. It was here that she would call home and enhance her knowledge of Hawaiian mythology, Hula, Huna, Lomi-Lomi massage and the precious Spirit of Aloha.

With increasing gratitude, coupled with a maturing reverence for the Hawaiian culture and the land (aina), Katharina needed a way to express her developing insights, vision and joy. Touch Kauai became the perfect means to interweave vocation and spiritual service.

In 2005, Touch Kauai was conceived to function as a doorway through which anyone can enter into an experience of Paradise that far exceeds their wildest expectations.

The Story Continues

Enrico Christian Becker Enriches Touch Kauai!

enricoIn December 2008, I followed my inner voice calling me to Kauai.

Within my first days on island, I experienced a very warm welcome during my various meditations on the beach. The incredible beauty of Kauai’s unique nature, the heartfelt people and the spiritual essence felt throughout daily live, gave me a profound inner feeling of coming home. This feeling deepened even more as I met a Hawaiian Elder during a traditional sunrise ceremony. In her, I experienced the all inclusive love of Hawaii!

Meeting Katharina and experiencing her deeply touching lomilomi massage as well as one of her retreat days to Kauai’s vortexes opened the path to my inner truth!

My profound love to Kauai, and my new connection with Katharina, called me back to Hawaii only 2 months after I had returned to Germany. During a visit to the powerful energy field of the active volcano on the Big Island, my decision to follow my inner voice to start a new life on Kauai unfolded.

Today I live on Kauai and lead, together with Katharina, the amazing company Touch Kauai, to continue to assist our clients to remember and celebrate their soul light and to live love!