Water Therapy

Letting Go – Aquacranial and Watsu

Feel released from the pull of gravity, while floating on your back in warm sacred water. Enjoy being supported by a caring practitioner who works with your breathing rhythm to facilitate subtle spinal and joint stretching as you float effortlessly around the pool.

Through gentle movements, you are taken on a journey that brings you in touch with trust, inner quiet, and a profound letting go. Just as you learn to trust in allowing the water to support you, some deep sense of trusting the healing energies of life embraces you.

With your ears just below surface level, you enter a quiet that counterpoints the busy world in which we are normally immersed. In this quiet place, many people discover things that simply elude us in our everyday routine.

Watsu (Water Shiatsu) is a water-based healing modality created by Harold Dull in the early 1970s.
A Watsu treatment is an amazing experience, and Francesco, trained and certified by Harold Dull himself, is an outstanding practitioner.
The water in Francesco’s nurturing, solar-heated, salted pool comes from the majestic Makaleha Mountains behind his property and is empowered with the mana (energy) of the aina (land).

Take the chance!

“Your Watsu treatment was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. To be able to trust so completely and to feel so safe seemed like a miracle to me. It still does. When I start getting uptight now I close my eyes and imagine myself in that soft healing water. I instantly feel calm.”
M.E., OR



Let the ocean itself treat you together with Deborah’s highly skilled and lovely guidance!

AquaCranial® Therapy offers a new and unique ocean-born therapeutic experience providing accelerated rebalancing of your being.
Light touch and fluid movement decompress the spine, cranium and other soft tissues while you float on gentle ocean waves, feeling the rich union of your essence and that of Mother Nature.

During your 90-minute session in the ocean and on the beach, AquaCranial® and Deborah’s nurturing presence, support you to profoundly relax, release pain and stress, rejuvenate your body, gain flexibility and strength, and connect more deeply with your Self.

For 35 years, Deborah has passionately studied and practiced healing arts including physical therapy, Therapeutic Touch (SM), CranioSacral Therapy®, and AquaCranial® Therapy, while celebrating the presence of God/Goddess in all.

Check it out, you will be thrilled!


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