FAQ – Retreat Vacations

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What is a retreat?
A Touch Kaua`i Retreat offers the opportunity for personal and spiritual growth, healing and self discovery, with caring and experienced guidance and coaching, through private, semi-private and group sessions, island adventures and enriching cultural experiences.
A Touch Kaua`i Retreat is the experience of a sanctuary – a safe loving space providing support for your true desires to be expressed, heard and lived.
All Touch Kaua`i Retreats combine the superb healing qualities of the land itself and the wise values of the Hawaiian culture with the unlimited wealth of traditional, alternative and spiritual health care professionals on Kaua`i.
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What is so special about a Touch Kaua`I Retreat?
It is all about you! We listen carefully to your questions and needs and together we find solutions that not only support you during your retreat but also back home in your daily world. Touch Kaua`i retreats are catalysts for your personal unfolding. Within a very short period of time, outmoded layers of yourself may dissolve with ease and expose the true you. Once you have truly connected with this exposed beautiful being, you’ll know how to live your life according to your personal truth!
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Where do I stay?
For extended retreats, which include accommodation, you will either stay at luxurious Kaua`i Nani (www.kauainani.com) or at hale luana or at a location that we discuss at the time of your booking.
For your day retreats or extended retreats without accommodation, we encourage you to find your own accommodation. There are innumerable options available on Kaua`i and regardless of where you stay Touch Kaua`i will provide you with delightful programs for your personal and spiritual health and wellbeing.
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Do I need a car?
For our full-service retreats no car is needed, we will provide transportation for you. However, if you prefer total flexibility we encourage you to rent a car upon arrival at the airport.
For all other retreats we recommend that you rent a car. Public transportation and taxi services are limited on Kaua`i. If you need us to pick you up and drop you off at your vacation home, please inquire.
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What is the price?
The price for our luxurious spiritual retreat is around $6000 per person per week, depending on single/double occupancy and the size of the group. The price includes all you need during this one week (seven full days).
The price for our standard retreat is around $4500 per person per 2 weeks, depending on single/double occupancy and the size of the group. The price includes all you need during these two weeks.
The price for your customized retreat depends on your preferences and the size of your group. We found that whether we custom design a single day or an extended retreat, the price ranges between $400 and $500 per person per day, including healthy food, private and semi-private sessions. All our programs are of highest quality and ensure great benefits for your personal unfolding.
Lodging ranges from about $100 to $XXX per room per night, depending on your preferences and the size of the group.
Please contact us with your preferences and we will do a final calculation for you or your group.
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How can I have the optimum experience?
Trust that if you feel inspired by this website, a Touch Kaua`i experience will be very beneficial for you at this time in your life. Allow yourself this joyful, rejuvenating and empowering gift!
Whether you come alone, with your honey or a friend, with your family or your company, come with the willingness to be deeply touched by the abundant blessings awaiting you here.
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Do you do retreats all year round?
Yes. But we don’t offer more than one retreat at a time, so please register early to get your preferred dates.
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What is the best duration for a Touch Kaua`i Retreat?
It really depends on your intention. You might be just fine with a single day if you want to make a retreat day just a part of your vacation or you might want to spoil yourself with 2 to 7 days or even longer with or without accommodation. Your intuition will tell you how much time you need or want for your desired outcome.
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Is a Touch Kaua`i Retreat more for groups or individuals?
All Touch Kaua`i Retreats offer personalized journeys for you, individually. Even within a group retreat your individuality is very important to us. You will always be able to choose what serves you best in each moment.
The beauty of being in a group is the increased synergy that is created when people with similar goals and intentions come together. The group energy can profoundly contribute to your personal journey.
Our intention is to serve you to our best abilities, whether you come by yourself, with your partner or with a group.
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Will I have time on my own?
Yes. Time by yourself and in your own space is crucial for effective integration!
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How far in advance do I need to plan this?
The sooner you make your arrangements the more likely you’ll get your desired dates and accommodations. It gives us the time to be best prepared for your arrival.
However, we always try to accommodate you, even at the last minute. It is always worth to contact us even for last-minute extended retreats.
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Where are you located?
We are so lucky to be based on the beautiful magical Garden Island Kaua`i.
We have different venues available for your retreat and at the time of your booking we’ll find out which one works best for your needs, dates, group size and budget.
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Why should I do this?
Because your heart is telling you to do it. Because you deserve to be treated like a beautiful divine being. Because you feel it’s time to improve the quality of your life and your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Because your inner truth is telling you that it’s time for you to become and be who you truly are.
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Please feel free to ask any other questions you may still have!