Retreat Vacations on Kauai

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– Back to the Source of your Strength, Wisdom and Spirituality

Relaxation, Rejuvenation and Empowerment in Paradise

Take your vacation a step further. Take advantage of the powerful unique healing qualities of the Garden Island Kauai and her profound spiritual and transformational energies.

Katharina and Enrico Becker and the Touch Kauai Team will guide you into the Heart of Kauai as well as into your own amazing Self through heart-opening nature adventures, cultural discovery, wellness and healing sessions as well as physical, emotional, mental and spiritual guidance – all in one!

Come and receive the many playful, powerful and simple techniques to enhance your life.


Touch Kauai Retreats include:

Being in Union with Nature:

• Halfday or fullday nature experiences and island tours: cleansing and rejuvenation in natural waterfall pools, detoxification in the sand of the world’s most beautiful beaches, reawakening your intuition at vortexes, stimulation of all your senses through close exposure to incredible natural beauty and abundant growth of tropical foliage.


Being spoiled with Treatments such as:

• Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage
• Intuitive Healing Sessions
• Saltscrubs, Mudpacks, Sandpacks
• Crystal Healing
• Water Therapy (Aquacranial)
• Breathing
• Guided meditations

• Delightful healthy and lovingly prepared food: breakfast, lunch, diner and snacks


Becoming familiar with Hawaiian Culture

• Discovering a Hawaiian Perspective on Life
• Learning about Hawaiian Values and their Influence for the World
• Experiencing the engaging Hawaiian Zest for Life through Hula, Huna, Talkstory, Music, Celebrations and Food.


Movement and Awareness such as:

• Yoga
• Qigong
• Dance


Unfolding and Celebration of Yourself:

• Loving Guidance (on the outer and inner journey)
• Individual, personal Coaching
• Support, Empowerment and ‘Rewards’


Our clients say:

“I have felt immensely comfortable with you, protected and appreciated at all times! With your help, this retreat has reconnected me with me and my soul. You gave me the space and time I needed and guided me with so much love, empathy and intuition through my issues, I cannot say thank you often enough for this major gift you gave me!
I have gifted myself with my journey to Hawaii and with this retreat. And you gifted me with your knowledge, with your love and support! Now I feel Aloha not just around me, but also within me! With your help I could feel all of Kauai and was able to fully engage. You know the island, the people and the places and you have always connected me with the right things at the right time. Thanks! For me it was like coming home.”
Ursula Hütter


Choose from the following retreat packages:


We love to co-create a unique Touch Kauai experience
with you, your family, your group, your wedding party
or your company.
Please contact us with your intentions.


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