Touring Hawaii and Kauai

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Why, of all the Hawaiian islands, do you choose The Big Island and Kaua`i?
To me, those two islands are cornerstones of the island chain. While Hawai`i island profoundly connects you to the grounding energy of the earth and to the fire of transformation and creation, Kaua`i connects you strongly with soothing refreshing qualities of the water and wind elements.
During your vacation you have the opportunity to be in a very pure energy field of all those elemental qualities, which you can experience with all your senses: being able to go close up to a flowing lava stream and freshly ‘born’ earth (huge lava fields!) or to dive into Kaua`i’s waterfall pools while the winds of change clear your thoughts and emotions…
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What is so special about Touch Kaua`i vacations?
We truly open doors for you to enjoy the true Hawai`i and the true Kaua`i. You are more than just a visitor, you become a part of the aina, the land and part of the culture and its values. You will have the opportunity to connect with authentic Hawaiian Kahuna and Kumu and experience the most amazing landscapes in a way that you feel the unique relationship you have with this place in this time.
The way Touch Kaua`i cares for our customers is full of warmth and integrity. We listen to your true needs and desires and even in a group vacation we always find time and space to cater to you, individually.
And if you choose, a Touch Kaua`i vacation can easily become an adventurous retreat, where we intensify the focus on your personal and spiritual growth, healing and wellbeing.
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Can I bring my family, including children?
Yes, you can. We love children and enjoy having them with us. Yet, not everyone that joins a group vacation feels the same way. So we decided to offer the up and coming group vacations without children unless everybody is happy with the delightful presence of children. Because this cannot be expected, we encourage you to choose a pre designed or fully customized vacation for your family.
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Can I come by myself?
Yes, you can. You have the choice of joining one of our group vacations, which we recommend, or – if you are willing and able to pay the additional fees – to book an individual journey, just for yourself.
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How about me bringing my whole wedding group, which might exceed 14 people?
We are grateful for your interest in Touch Kaua`i and will always try to find solutions that work for everyone. So please feel free to inquire!
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What is the price?
For a Touch Kauai group vacation as described here, the price for 14 days is $ 3000 pP, based on double occupancy per room. If you prefer your own room, there will be an additional charge, depending on the room rates at the time of your booking.
For a pre designed customized vacation as described here is $ 2500 pP for 14 days, not including accommodation. This program is designed for your unforgettable personal adventure as a couple, family or group of friends/associates and will be adjusted to your specific needs and desired level of luxury.
For a fully customized vacation, please inquire.
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How can I have the optimum experience?
Trust that if you feel inspired by this website, a Touch Kaua`i vacation will be very beneficial for you at this time in your life! Allow yourself this joyful, rejuvenating and empowering gift!
Whether you come alone, with your honey or a friend, with your family or colleagues, come with the willingness to be deeply touched by the abundant blessings awaiting you here.
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Do you take us to Hawaiian Heiau?
As a none Hawaiian who has had the opportunity to study closely with Hawaiian elders I respect the traditions of the Hawaiian culture. Hawaiians don’t go to a Heiau unless there is a specific reason and intention, always following rules that are not necessarily known to me.
Yet, there are places with special healing energies that are available to the public, and if it feels right to me, we might go there, making sure, we are well prepared for such a visit.
Overall, if we start recognizing, that this whole island is sacred and radiates spiritual healing energies wherever we are if we only open our spirit and heart to it, we can do what we need to do on different places than at recognized Hawaiian Temples.
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Do you do vacations all year round?
The sooner you make your arrangements the more likely you’ll get your desired dates. And, your early registration gives us the time to be best prepared for your journey.
However, we always try to accommodate you even last minute for your Touch Kaua`i vacation.
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Will I have time on my own?
Yes. Time by yourself and in your own space is crucial for effective integration!
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How far in advance do I need to plan this?
The sooner you make your arrangements the more likely you’ll get your desired dates and accommodations. It gives us the time to be best prepared for your arrival.
However, we always try to accommodate you, even at the last minute. It is always worth to contact us even for last-minute vacation.
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Do I need a car? 

Transportation in minivans is included in the group vacations.
For all other vacations we strongly recommend a car to be flexible; however, since transportation is included during your guided days, we can accommodate you in a way that you won’t need a car if you choose to spend the days without guide to relax and just be where you are, maybe using shuttle or taxi service for minor excursions.
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Why should I do this?
Because your heart is telling you to do it. Because Hawai`i and Kaua`i is calling out for you. Because you deserve to be treated like a beautiful divine being. Because you enjoy a delightful vacation in Hawai`i’s magical nature, connecting you with the essence of this unique place and yourself. Because you feel it’s time to rejuvenate and improve the quality of your life and your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
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Please feel free to ask any other questions you may still have!